The Vision of Valor


It all began under the swing of an oak tree. My (Sarah’s) health was waning to the point where I could no longer leave home, so the brief but daily time out of bed on the backyard bench swing with my husband Michael was my most cherished time of day.

One autumn day in this season, Michael and I began jotting down the dreams we felt God had placed on our hearts. Ideas poured over the pages with Valor as one of our biggest dreams. Although my body was broken, my spirit was invigorated with the hope of a future. 


Valor would only market good ideas in a world selling not-so-great ideas. Valor would stand for courage and value in Christ in a time where Christians need this message the most. 


Along with marketing good ideas, we envisioned Valor holding conferences. With my background in event coordination and marketing and Michael’s background in sales and marketing, this dream seemed tangible until it would seem like everything fell apart.


Just a week or two after our dream was conceived, I had an attack on my body that caused almost hourly seizures. I  could no longer traverse to the backyard swing due to severe sensory issues and the inability to sit up more than minutes. 


I remember Michael holding my hand and reading our dreams out loud in prayer form on our first anniversary. But after that December day, the dreams were muted in a sea of continued turmoil and trauma. 


How many good dreams die because the persistent waves of life pound them with such force that they have no chance to see the light of day? I don’t know the number, but that almost became our dream of Valor. Until another dark time appeared carrying a ray of light. 

That would be this dark season. A dark season that is palpable not solely on an individual level, but on a national and even global level. The pandemic of COVID-19 touches almost everyone’s lives causing uncertainty and a sense of disconnect from an enforced isolation. But it’s also in this dark time where Michael and I saw a need that needed to be met.

So, what’s in the future with our vision you might ask? We hope in the upcoming future to offer at least four Biblical worlview related conferences a year as our team grows, hosting outpost events that has enjoyable, yet thought-provoking content for Chrisians and non-Christians alike, producing interactive courses that touch on the many spheres of influence such as business, technology and more all from a Biblical worldview, growing a digital church community for the displaced which we hope muchrooms out into a tangible church location, and offering media segments on newsworthy topics.  


 Eventually, as the COVID-19 situation improves, we hope to offer a hybrid of in-person and digital conferences. You can check out more of our bigger vision and mission at our hubsite, Valor Media. 

We hope to grow with you in valor through these upcoming resources.  

Sarah Stover
Vice President and Co-Executive Director of Valor Media



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