Contribute to the Mission of Transforming Lives by Changing the Biblical Worldview Statistic

Only 17% of self-professing Christians have a Biblical worldview according to current research from Barna and Summit Ministry.

Our goal at Valor is to increase the Biblical worldview stat through up-to-date media that will capture the viewer’s imagination of today. We will do this by:

-Offering quarterly conferences a year from a Biblical worldview perspective. We’ve already conducted one successful conference with over 20 speakers, encouraging Christians to have hope through our national crisis. We plan to do more on:

*Marriage from a Biblical worldview

*Business through a Biblical worldview

*Tough questions Christians are afraid to ask

*Emotional health through a Biblical worldview

*And more (psst, we’re also looking for your feedback on which conferences to conduct next!) 

-We also plan on offering a church wing of Valor which will enable an interactive setting for visiting preachers to give a message and offer discussion afterward, as well as a time for worship and a breakout connecting time.

We know there are many who may not be able to attend church on a regular basis, and while our church wing is not a replacement for church, we want it to be the next best thing.

-We also plan on having outpost digital events for believers and non-believers alike to engage in relevant discussions in a respectful and winsome way. 

-To add, we also plan on having a team of podcasters that will cover different niches of the Biblical worldview. We’re excited about this mission because each voice will be unique from God with how they can spread the Christian worldview message.

-Last but certainly not least, as we have funding, we also want to have a charitable outreach arm of Valor that helps our members or anyone in the community who has a need. Because what is a Biblical worldview if you’re not living it out helping people with their physical needs?

We know the Biblical worldview encompasses not just the spiritual, but the physical and emotional as well. We want to make sure this holistic view of the Gospel is reflected at Valor Media. 



To do any of these things, we need your help, we, the founders have already sacrificed our savings to get Valor off the ground by purchasing necessary software tools and paying the equally necessary government fees, as well as investing long hours into the cause–sometimes, up to 16 hours a day.

Our passion and willingness are all in.

But we need help furthering the mission of transforming lives through the Biblical worldview with the budgetary expenses we’re bringing before our legal board including…

A camera that is capable of live streaming, a laptop (ours takes an hour to load the Photoshop Suite–no joke!), other software needed to keep up with the needs of a media-focuses non-profit in a digital and social media age, and hiring more passionate team members who will only increase the reach of Biblical worldview transformation.

The good news: Valor Media is a 501(c)(3) non-profit so all gifts are tax-deductible. 

Invest in the transformation here:

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