“People come into your life for a reason, a season, or a lifetime.”


That quote rubbed me the wrong way because I was used to the season part. The fair-weather friends who are seasonal.

In some ways, I became a little more cynical after years of unfortunate events and let downs by people. I cherished the friends who weathered the seasons and yet never left, but even well-meaning people can misunderstand you and unintentionally let you down. I know because I’ve even been the well-meaning friend who unintentionally let others down.


What I Was Seeking is Probably What You Have Sought Too

Although my wife is my best friend, for the longest time, I kept praying for a forever best guy friend who really gets me. Like when C.S. Lewis said when remarking on friendships, “Aha! You too?”


Someone who can be a man’s man and tough but has a compassionate side too.

Someone who has been through the trenches of suffering.

Someone who has faced abandonment.

Someone who was misunderstood.

Someone who faced death.

Someone who faced trauma.

Someone who has faced shame.

Someone who grew up with a father who wasn’t their blood father or who lost a father.

Someone who is a visionary in spite of obstacles.

Someone who faced family dysfunction. 

Someone who felt like a scapegoat.

Someone like me….

 Jesus’ Answer to My List (and Yours) 

I wanted to find someone that somehow transcended above and had triumph from trials and tragedies, so I can be guided on how to overcome my circumstances and find a way through the chaos. 

 Isn’t that what we are all looking for? Someone like us who can understand every essence of who we are but who has already successfully passed through the chaos we’re now facing so that we can have hope for a better tomorrow?

Then Jesus came along and I heard the answers to the questions I was looking for… “I AM.”

Jesus’ answers to the long list of wants and needs that I was looking for was “I AM.”

Not only is Jesus God in the flesh (future article on that later) but He is the answer we are looking for in a forever friend. It sounds too good to be true, right?

I expected too much in humanity, but I think we can all fall in to this. We all search for belonging, ultimate understanding, and to have the loneliness in us erased. We are searching for the us 4.0 as a friend when Jesus is actually beyond this. He’s exponentially better than what we even hoped for in a friend. He is Too Good To Be False.

A man named Tom Gilson (who became a friend) was tapped on the shoulder to pour his mind, heart, and passion into writing of the Jesus who desires for the Church (including you) to return to their first love and that first love is Jesus. 




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 Jesus is Too Good to be False

I was put on a quest to read about this Jesus who is Too Good To Be False, and like a newsboy in my formative years, I felt compelled to share the good news.


“Good News that is Too Good to Be False would be the headline. What a claim right? Don’t shoot the messenger but take it up to the origins of the One who brought the good news and proved the good news by walking among us and never used His power for His own benefit but to serve us.


 Too Good To Be False mentions we would expect Jesus to be “inaccessible, remote, far beyond human reach.” Gilson even appropriately asserts that if it were up to us, He would be. “Instead, shockingly, He calls us friend.”


If you want to see Jesus with fresh eyes without compromising the Scripture, then get yourself this book to find out why Jesus is Too Good To Be False.

My prayer is that it will move you to your knees in awe of our compassionate and caring Savior.


When you see Him, you will see the Father. 

Christ will meet you in your chaos and the book Too Good to Be False will show you how. Be prepared to have a renewed appreciation for the Gospels and especially for the God who cares and proved it in His character that is Too Good to Be False.


If you get the book, let me know so I can invite you to join the book club for Too Good to Be False. Let’s come together during isolation to encourage one another about how amazing Jesus is and will always be.




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